Hand crafted paper sculpts, whimsical French wire art, wood and paper light sculptures, poetry, photography, mixed media art and hand crafted botanical ink paper and linen prints

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Hand Crafted in Upstate New York, Lake Ontario. Please visit often since I post new pieces soonest completed.

“… I have nature and art and poetry, and if that is not enough, what is enough?” – Vincent Van Gogh

French Wire Art Decor

Each piece made by Papeterie Whimsical Creations is a one of a kind original. Hand crafted from sketch to finished object. I put much love and detail into each of my creations to assure they can be enjoyed for a very long time.

Thick gesso applied to a small, decorative dress form made of paper.

Please Note:

More pages with samples of my work will soon be added. I am working on so many new objects this Summer, so please bare with me. Thank you so much for stopping by!!!

This site shows samples of my art work for local buyers, galleries, and store owners. This will not be an online shopping site. If you do not live in Upstate New York ( Lake Ontario-/Fort Drum area), but are interested in a piece please email me.

Paper and Wood Light Sculptures

My fascination for illuminated art installations and Paper Light Sculptures goes way back, but when I saw the work of artists like Stephen White and Williams Leslie – I was blown away.

Their craftsmanship is absolutely amazing. Light Sculptures of such perfect harmony – where vision, human touch, balance, and all the organic elements were brought together in light.

From the biggest sculptures, displayed in museums, galleries and public buildings – to the smaller ones I admired in people’s homes: Every single piece was hand made from start to finish. Often literally from scratch since many artists also make their own paper, adhesives and paint pigments.

To say I was intimidated by the thought of ever learning this art with the many skills it combines, is an understatement! But I tried anyway, and I am still on that journey.

Creating the frame for a larger light sculpture. The curing process.
Here I am applying the first layer of Japanese plant-fiber paper to one of the elements of a finished frame.
Each element has to be completely dry before the bordering ones can be worked on.
Usually I apply 6 to 12 layers of paper – depending on the size and complexity.
This technique creates a wood and paper sculpture which, when completed, will entirely support itself. There will be no wires, clamps or string anymore connecting the joints.

⭐️ Viking Longboat ⭐️

( Similar sculpt custom order: $ 475 )

I have never even built a miniature kit model ship – let alone design one, but my husband loves the Viking Era, everything Norse and our anniversary was coming up.

So I started sketching, and exploring the form. Considering the strength of the wood and the paper, the number of layers and connecting points. Building this Longboat filled many, many Winter evenings which are perfect for these kind of projects. We have pretty long Winters up here!

A smaller, free form paper sculpture. A viking longboat I made for my husband.
I wanted to create a mostly open sculpt where the inside of the boat would be visible – so I had to put that into consideration while building the piece.
Almost there… !

Bigger sculptures take several weeks to complete since every step is very detailed. It takes time to mold the wood into form, for it to cure, and to apply each layer of paper to the different elements.

These light sculptures have 6-12 applications of many tiny Japanese, organic fiber paper pieces, which have to connect, cure and harden in the process.

Let there be Light

Abstract table lamp made from paper, wire, and painted in deepest black with gold leaf application.


The BLOSSOM table or wall lamp is made from wood and fine tissue paper which I painted with watercolor pigments. I then ripped the sheets into tiny pieces which I applied in layers to the wooden form.

Abstract linen canvas lamp shade.
Hand painted
A small drift wood – paper lamp sculpture in creation.

⭐️ French Wire Art ⭐️

I fell in love with a certain type of french wire art long ago.

This kind of art work has such a playful air to it, and the simplicity paired with the attention to detail always amazed me. I truly enjoy creating them. At times the wire and metal rods can be pretty bossy wanting to do their own design it seems. I learned that scolding your art supplies does result in victory here and there!

Whimsical themed wire art decor
With or without illumination

Lovelies I make of wire, paper and fabric. Here are some impressions of pieces I am currently completing.


I am just now finishing up this cute piece.

– Wire – Paper – Cotton Fabric –

THE POET’S BED still needs a little light in order to warm up your space when it gets dark. It can be purchased with or without a wire figurine. I will also create a separate little decorating set for the bed and platform. The decor can be taken off and be changed throughout the seasons. This way you will be able to leave its neutral theme or make it festive, to get in the mood for Spring and Summer, and cozy it up in Fall and Winter. I will list the dimensions and details within the coming days.



Note: Please understand that all of these creations are little works of art. They are not suitable for children to play with. These pieces are made from different gauge metal wire which can bend and detach when handled roughly. They should be kept out of reach of small children.



Whimsical and Simplistic

Wire Art Table Lamp

⭐️ Star Light Circus ⭐️

Details and dimensions on the ⭐️ STAR LIGHT CIRCUS ⭐️ will be posted soon. This is an up-cycled piece with so many fun details. Wire figurines are always optional according to taste.

The circus has a light fixture in the middle of the stage. I just placed a candle in front of it here.

⭐️ Alice Katherine’s SERENADE ⭐️


This whimsical opera singer is entirely made of wire and paper. Her head is felted from wool, black feathers adorn the hem of her dress, and glitter sparkles up the roses on her garment in the front. She definitely fills her little stage gracefully.


A little Serenade



This website is still under construction and will be completed within the next few weeks. If you have questions about my artwork please contact me via email.

Papeterie Whimsical Creations

Located in Upstate New York, Lake Ontario

Sketches of color compositions for a project.